Peruse our website and get to know us. Once you have, join us for one of our social gatherings, information sessions, or committee meetings. Then consider getting involved and becoming a member. This is our community.

Through its activities, the Morris Plains Democratic Committee (MPDC) gathers Democrats to serve our citizens by:

  • providing a forum for information and exchange of ideas on important local and state issues;

  • being an incubator for ideas, strategies, and candidates to support progressive Democratic ideals and policy positions;

  • engaging in the local electoral process;

  • serving the community of Morris Plains through non-partisan activities.


Be an active Democrat in our community!

Democracy's foundation is in local governement.
Is it 
time for you to consider public service?

We are committed to citizen participation in democratic government. If you are a Democrat and have demonstrated a commitment to our Community of Caring, learn how you can get more actively involved in our town and our future. Let us support your efforts to be the change you wish to see.

Visit our website HERE for more information about borough committees and the
Morris Plains Borough Council.

What We Stand For

Transparent, responsive, and engaged leadership.

Thoughtful, fiscally responsible development that puts
our community's needs first.

A strategic, inclusive approach to the management of our Borough
and its resources.

A commitment to volunteer and public service.

Read our current monthly
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