Our Committee

Executive Committee Members

Christina "Tina" Genest, Chair
Rohit Shah, Vice Chair & Development Chair

Linda DeLap, Secretary

Sapna Shah, Treasurer

Jesssica Prater, Membership Chair

Cara Parmigiani, Sergeant-At-Arms

District Chairs & County Committee Members

1:  Joan Goddard & Joseph Stith

2:  Christina Genest & Jason Karr

3 : Rachel Reinhart & Thomas Tani

4:  Linda DeLap & Rohit Shah

5:  Sue Riccardelli & James Rogers

6:  Nancy Verga & John Verga

Associate Members
Denise Beckman, Jean Bozarth, Terri Mangravite, Mary Ellen Schultzer, Abigail Siner & Katheleen Taggart


Emeritus Members
Marilyn Heckler, Dan Kanter & Mary Phillips

Our Community Sponsorships

MPDC is proud to support the following community activities:

  • Education Foundation of Morris Plains

  • Morris Plains Little League Team

  • Morris Plains Basketball Association

  • Borough School 8th Grade Essay Contest & Citizenship Award

Acknowledging Democrats in Public Service
Morris Plains Borough Council

Mayor Jason Karr

Councilwoman Joan Goddard

Councilwoman Nancy Verga

Morris Plains Planning Board

John Verga, Vice Chair

H. Steve Augenbllick

Jason Karr

James Rogers

Board of Adjustment

Doug McCabe

Recreation Commission

Meghan Houston

Paul Sambrowski

Recycling Committee

Tom Connolly

Roberts Garden Commission

Nancy Critchley

Margaret "Maggie" Walsh

Municipal Alliance Committee

Laurie Cama

Karen Dovano

Pam Dise-Moran

Mary Phillips

Beautification Committee

Nancy Critchley

Sue McCardle

Michael Cocheo

Chris Graziano

Mary Kinniery

Sue Merckling

Kathy Petersen

Karen Ross

Kenny Toscano

Linda Toscano

Borough Council History of Service

Mayor 1961-1966:  Paul Bangiola

Mayor 1966-1970:  Peter Rudden

Mayor 2019-       :  Jason Karr

Councilman 1957-1960:  Paul Bangiola

Councilman 1962-1967:  Peter Rudden

Councilman 1973-1977:  Ed Fletcher

Councilman 1975-1991:  Joe Werner

Councilman 1985-1991:  Michael Butchko

Councilman 2011-2014:  Frank Mangravite

Councilman 2007-2019:  Jason Karr

Councilwoman 2019-   :  Joan Goddard

Councilwoman 2020-   :  Nancy Verga

For more history, visit the Morris Plains Museum

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© 2020 Morris Plains Democratic Committee

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