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Join your neighbors to 
Impact Our Community & Beyond!


Connect with Morris Plains Democrats to

Have Our Voices Heard


Be active in our

Stay informed by ...

  • Attending monthly MPDC meetings

  • Meeting the candidates & learning about local issues.


Democracy starts in your neighborhood.

Get involved by ...

  • Registering voters.

  • Canvassing in your neighborhood.

  • Holding a candidate Meet & Greet in your home.

  • Displaying a candidate lawn sign.

  • Participating in our fundraisers.

  • Helping us nurture and recruit Democratic leadership in our community.

  • Volunteering for a municipal board, commission or committee.

  • Running for local office.



Become a member & donate!

Your membership & donations ...

  • Hosts local events and information forums.

  • Encourages public service.

  • Supports local candidates.

  • Sponsors scholarships and local community activities.

  • Underwrites communications with Morris Plains voters.

Join us here today!


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IMorris Plains Dems, Pick a Task or Two!

There are many ways that you can contribute to our ongoing activities. We call it DO IT & DONE. These tasks take only a few minutes or a few hours of your time but make a BIG difference in our ongoing efforts. Please consider these opportunities to lend a hand.

Other Opportunities to Make a Difference 

The Morris County Democratic Committee (MCDC) is committed to keeping our nation and county safe and expanding equal opportunity for people of all backgrounds.

We work to elect Democratic candidates at all levels of government throughout Morris County.

We believe in working together towards strong economic growth, affordable health care, retirement security, and protecting civil rights and liberties. We also work towards ensuring smart development, reducing wasteful spending, and implementing open, honest, and accountable government at the municipal, county, state and federal levels.

Become a sustaining member of the Morris County Democratic Committee
by giving a recurring annual or monthly  donation.

Help us elect leaders who will welcome all families to our communities; listen to voters; support women's reproductive freedom; stand with unions; and create a more open, transparent government at all levels!

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Morris County Democratic Women's Caucus' mission  is to educate and empower women to become involved in the political process.

2022 MCYD Logo.webp

Morris County Young Democrats are the local branch of NJ Young Democrats and Young Democrats of America, an organization for active Democrats under the age of 36.  


Add to your cell phone contacts and

call to express your opinion!

Write letters to the editor. More information here.

The Morris County Democratic LGBTQA+ Caucus is dedicated to supporting LGBTQA+ candidates and advancing issues of equality for our community.

LGBTQA+ Caucus.png


ActionTogetherNJ has created resources and tools to help support the efforts of existing groups and to provide a cohesive work place for the state.

Action Together Morris County


Blue Wave.png

Blue Wave NJ (BWNJ) is a grassroots organization working to protect and improve the rights, opportunities, and quality of life of all people through direct advocacy, public education on critical issues, and community mobilization.  In order to fulfill its mission, BlueWaveNJ created issue based groups to implement positive change based on progressive ideals.  We welcome suggestions for new groups.

NJ 11th For Change is a grassroots, nonpartisan coalition dedicated to advocating for all citizens of the 11th Congressional District. We promote political transparency by monitoring the positions and voting record of our congressional representative, by fostering productive citizen-to-congress communication, and by demanding public accountability.

Click here for other opportunities to exercise your values as a Democrat in our community, state and beyond.


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